Are you ready for a Transferwise expedition?

Are you ready for a Transferwise expedition?

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Hi guys from Transferwise, we would like to have an interview with of your founders. Why? Check this video:

This is quite a long message. Main message: I would like to have an interview in London with (one of) the founders of Transferwise for an article and a profile video. 

Hi there people of Transferwise!

Five months ago we started a Dutch-based project called Crowd Expedition; a two-year media and research project finding the true potential and added value of the collaborative economy. What is new? What has to happen to make it a sustainable model? How do we lower thresholds? And last but not least: how can we integrate this exciting ‘new’ stuff in an existing economy and society.

To get the answers to these questions we are talking to over two hundred initiatives and experts in two years. All our insights we share by publishing articles and videos. Every 3 months we focus on a specific theme. First thema was mobility. Second theme (started: August 1th) is: financial services. With WE, I mean:

crowdexpedition team

As you can imagine; as one of the world’s most disruptive collaborative startups in the financial industry HAS to be in this theme. Since we are based in Utrecht it is no problem te get to London.

What does an (90 minute) interview contains?
The interview is separated in:
  • interview with Martijn Arets (expedition leader). The interview is about Transferwise (story behind and your ambitions), the implementation of it, the future and thoughts about the sharing and collaborative economy;
  • some questions on video sent by members of our expert team (the answer will be recorded and published too);
  • 10 questions on camera; five to make a short profile about Transferwise;
  • making picture.
What’s in it for you? (exposure, etc.)
  • an article on the website of Crowd Expedition and (350.000 unique visitors each month, mostly Dutch entrepreneurs);
  • exposure for the articles via our social media channels (+40.000 followers);
  • several video’s on YouTube, which you can use for your own purposes;
  • being part of the Crowd Expedition story (we will make lots of noise the next 24 months!).
On long term your story / case will be added in a book about the expedition, which will be published in 2015.

Besides that I hope that this would also be a inspiring experience for you AND we will bring some signed copies my English (and financed by equity crowdfunding) book ‘Brand Expedition, a trip visiting Europe’s most inspiring brands’.

We would like to have the interview in November this year. I am absolutely sure that we can find a date to meet.

Looking forward for your response.

Best from Utrecht, the Netherlands,

Martijn / @martijnarets