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Experts join research and media project about the Collaborative Economy

Crowd Expedition starts Thursday May 1st. Expedition leader Martijn Arets goes on a mission to discover the real added value and the potential of the sharing economy, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, social business and co-creation, together with 15 partners and 30 international experts.

foto Martijn AretsIn two years the Crowd Expedition team will research how the Collaborative Economy can be a sustainable model for several goals and forms of business, and how we can connect the new and old economy. The Collaborative Economy is the umbrella name for practices such as crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, slacktivism, co-creation and the sharing economy.

In two years the team will visit about 150 international initiatives in the categories mobility, financial services, education/sharing knowledge, participation/democracy, labour/organization, energy, food/leisure, health care and (business)resources.

New opportunities for existing organizations

New, successful and innovative projects arise thanks to co-creation, crowdfunding and (online) sharing. Examples are message service Whatsapp, sharing homes on Airbnb, raising money on Kickstarter or music sharing on iTunes. Existing businesses and governments can see these new business models as threats (lawsuits against AirBnb), or seize them as a chance to build a sustainable business in the future.

‘Combining the old and the new is important to reach to a sustainable result’, tells expedition leader Martijn Arets. Arets sees that topics like crowdfunding and the sharing economy disappearing like hypes. According to him, we can get far more out of it, but that requires a critical perspective. “What’s really new? And what’s just hype? What are the thresholds? And how can we lower them? How can we apply them to sectors and activities where you would not in first instance expect them?”

International expedition
The Crowd Expediton core team will discover the true potential of the Collaborative Economy together with (eventually) 25 partners and 80 international experts. The team consists of tens of international top experts: entrepreneurs, accountants, trendwatchers, marketeers, jurists.

Crowd Expedition is a ‘practise what you preach’ project: it is partly founded by crowdfunding and puts collaborative initiatives in practice. The teams shares their knowledge in an online community and offline during workshops, presentations and events. Crowd Expedition wants to let as many people as possible to discover the possibilities of the Collaborative Economy. Via the Expedition-platform and the media partnership with MKB Servicedesk and De Zaak the team reaches approximately 350.000 entrepreneurs a months. And that’s just the start.

On May 2nd the first interview will be with the Dutch car sharing platform Snappcar.


Crowd Expedition is led by Martijn Arets. He gained experience during his Brand Expedition, he beat media magnet John de Mol in the race for the best entrepreneur 2011 and participates in a European thinktank as on of the 40 Young Potential European Leaders under 40.

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