Crowd Expedition at the First International Workshop on the Sharing Economy

Crowd Expedition at the First International Workshop on the Sharing Economy

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Last week the first International Workshop on the Sharing Economy was held at the Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Over 40 papers from researchers from different disciplines were presented. For me it was nice to be at a sharing economy conference without knowing 75% of the audience. AND a confirmation that the sharing economy is growing to be a serious player really soon and many stakeholders see the potential (positive and negative) of this new industry. Check the full program, including links to many of the abstracts, here.

During the breaks I had the opportunity interviewing the two keynote speakers of the workshop.

Juliet Schor
We talked about her keynote ‘The sharing economy: hyper-capitalism or a sustainable alternative?’ It was interesting to see that the results of the first year of Crowd Expedition were quite similar to the findings of Juliet.

Susan Shaheen
We talked about her keynote ‘Mobility and the sharing economy: Past, present & future’. With quite some interesting numbers & food4thought about shared mobility.

It was great to see soo many divers insights around the sharing economy. And.. talking about definitions: I think it would be a great first step for the academic world to have a consensus which definitions to use. This because many researches about the sharing economy were in my opinion not about the SHARING economy. Want to know more about that? Please check this article in the Guardian which I wrote with Koen Frenken, Toon Meelen and Pieter van de Glind.

For me it was an interesting introduction in the academic world. Made some new friends and I am looking forward to work together the coming years.