The expedition has started at May 1st 2014 and will end probably in at the end of the second quarter of 2016.

First year: May 1st 2014 – June 1st 2015
The first year we wanted to get a good view on what is happening in the collaborative economy, who the mayor stakeholders are and get a good sight on the dilemma’s. In this year we focussed on different horizontal themes like mobility, financial service, education/sharing knowledge, participation/democracy, labour market/organization, energy, leisure&food, healthcare en (business)resources. We talked to national and international initiatives, experts, researchers and existing organizations within this theme that are already taking steps in the new, collaborative economy.

Vertically, throughout all of the themes, we find expertises such as marketing, accountancy, legal, usability, business models, nudging, history, social media, organization, communities, communication, etc. These expertises are represented by our international expert team: connaisseurs who work on the themes within their organization or by themselves.

In this first year we did over 150 interviews in 8 countries, visited several international events like OuiShareFest in Paris, European Crowdsourcingweek in Copenhagen and the Crowdsourcing Summit Arctic Circle.

Second Year: June 1st 2015 – July 1st 2016
In the second year we will do about 100 interviews, at least two mini expeditions to China and Israël and visit many international events. The focus of this year will be on getting answers on the main dilemma’s of the collaborative economy. Answers on issues like

  • responsibilities platforms
  • who owns reputation data
  • ownership: central / decentral/coöperation
  • social vs capital
  • exponential growth vc responsibilities
  • do platforms share?
  • tax