Media partners

Media partners

One of the goals of the expedition is to create awareness of the possibilities and opportunities of the Collaborative Economy among as broad and diverse an audience as possible, as this will foster both the progress and acceptance of the Collaborative Economy. Crowd Expedition works together with a number of fixed media partners to ensure that the experiences and findings of the expedition are shared with a pre-identified and guaranteed audience. These media partners are supplemented with incidental media partners, because ultimately exclusivity is not something we believe in.


Dutch Network Group
Willem Overbosch, owner of the Dutch Network Group: “Like all entrepreneurs, I look for new opportunities and relevant information every day, in order to bring myself, my people and my company a step further. Which is why we are participating in this expedition. For I am convinced that we will experience adventures and discover things that can help entrepreneurs develop their business.”

The Dutch Network Group is the umbrella organization of MKB Servicedesk (MKB is the Dutch term for SME) and De Zaak (a knowledge network for SMEs). Via their channels they jointly reach 350,000 entrepreneurs a month in the Netherlands. An ideal opportunity for Crowd Expedition to reach out to this target group.

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