Sebastiaan Hooft

Sebastiaan Hooft

Sebastiaan Hooft

Organisation and function
Entrepreneur, mentor and speaker at Maschile Ventures.

Expertise in the Crowd Expedition expert team
The three things I personally care about are entrepreneurship, internet and health.

What connects you to Crowd Expedition and what is the reason you joined the expert team?
I support Martijn in his quest.

What can we expect from you during the expedition?
I’d love to help you guys out where possible. I’m available 24/7. Probably just as crazy as you guys are.

What are you looking forward to most during the expedition?
Help me establish my personal blog as the leading blog on entrepreneurship, internet and health. For that I need to reach [Dutch] entrepreneurs. My goal is to have 10 thousand relevant Twitter followers before the end of this year. It needs to boost requests for my speaking arrangements at Speakers Academy.

What is your definition of the “collaborative economy”?
Sharing assets

In what way are you involved in the collaborative economy yourself?
We operate a co-working space in Uithoorn

What do you think is the biggest opportunity for the collaborative economy?
Efficient use of our planets’ resources

What challenges do you see in the collaborative economy from your expert view?
Human nature to own things

What has to happen to make this new economy a long term and sustainable success?
Awareness and technology