Core team

Core team

The full-time expedition team. A fixed core that is responsible for the concept, quality and continuity of the expedition. A permanent team that is supplemented by volunteers and interns who assist us in operations as well as in research.

We are currently putting together the complete expedition team. Below you will find an overview of the key team members who have already joined the expedition.

Fixed core team:

Martijn Arets expedition leader Crowd Expedition
Martijn Arets
Initiator and expedition leader

claartje vogel crowd expedition

Claartje Vogel

Dave Dielissen core team Crowd Expedition

Dave Dielissen
Coordination and communication

Kelly Strien Crowd Expedition
Kelly Strien

Rosanne Mol Crowd Expedition

Rosanne Mol
Chief Structure

Eva van der Niet

Eva van der Niet
Research intern

Gino Catshoek

Gino Catshoek
Research intern


Hans Buskes
Mind mapper

Stephanie Dijkstra-Crowd Expedition

Stephanie Dijkstra
Final editing English-language texts

Sebstiaan ter Burg

Sebastiaan ter Burg
Video and creative commons