Crowd Expedition is a unique four-year project in quest of the real added value of the Collaborative Economy. The Collaborative Economy is the umbrella name for platform practises such as sharing economy, crowdfunding, gig economy and crowdsourcing. All hugely valuable and inspiring developments, yet the question arises: what’s really new? And what’s just hype? What are the thresholds? And how can we lower them? How do you get the best value out of these practices? How can we apply them to sectors and activities where you would not in first instance expect them? And last but not least, how do we connect this new economy to the current (old) economy in a sustainable way? Especially since all that is old is not necessarily bad.

The Crowd Expedition team interviewed the last 3 years over 300 entrepreneurs and experts in 12 countries and will do another 100 interviews this year. All our insights, experiences and thoughts we share on this platform and on our YouTube channel. Question? Feel free to contact!

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